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Turn your business into a go-to destination for a wider range of products. When you connect to Coras as a distributor, your customer will enjoy relevant purchase opportunities for the live experiences they’re looking for, through your website.

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Frequently asked questions.

We’ve covered the basics here but if you want to know more you can read our full FAQ or contact us here.

  • How can I start selling tickets using Coras?

    If you would like to sell tickets as a Coras distribution partner, you will need to integrate with our distributor API. Please contact us to be sent our API documentation and to get set up in our sandbox.

  • How much money do I make on a ticket sold through Coras?

    Coras has a fully transparent revenue model. The booking fee added to ticket price is shared between Coras and the distribution partner. Find out more about our revenue model using the revenue calculator here.

  • What systems is Coras integrated with and what tickets can I sell?

    Some of this information is confidential but you can see a selection of our ticket inventory on our distribution partner websites. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific ticket category or system to integrate with.

  • Who owns the customer data?

    The customer data is owned by the distribution partner. 

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