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Ryanair Tickets displayed on iPhone

Ryanair × Coras

Booking events & attractions for a trip has never been easier.

Ticketed events and attractions are an important part of an exceptional travel experience.

In fact, seeing an in-demand musical, a ‘bucket list’ tourist attraction or an exciting sports event can be the trigger point for booking a trip.

So, what if you could purchase your ideal tickets as easily as booking your flight; through the same familiar and trusted website.

Ryanair Tickets

Ryanair Tickets screen on a laptop showing best selling shows such as The Lion King and Wicked.

Ryanair is Europe’s biggest airline, connecting 129m customers to over 205 destinations every year. The brand is known for their low-fare flights, making it a first choice for travellers wanting a great deal.

Before working with Coras, Ryanair already had a strong ancillary product offering, covering hotel rooms and car hire. Ryanair knew their customers would appreciate the convenience of searching and purchasing event and attraction tickets at the same time as booking a flight, and Coras was a great solution for the brand.

Phone showing the Ryanair Tickets Seat Selector

In early talks with Ryanair, we were briefed on what the airline needed from a ticketing product:

  1. A friction-free user interface with the same look and feel as ryanair.com and mirrored the way their other ancillary products were presented.
  2. Ticketing content that was relevant to Ryanair’s biggest markets, with multiple languages and currency options.
  3. Flexible, low-fee pricing, with the option to waive booking fees for exclusive offers.
  4. The world’s tickets, through one API.

After Ryanair integrated with Coras’ unified API, we developed an iframe that worked seamlessly within ryanair.com. The iframe presents customers with compelling ticket content, tailored to the dates and location of their trip.

Ryanair Tickets was launched with UK destinations, so we facilitated content for the best West End shows, in-demand live music, and sporting events in this market.

Laptop showing Ryanair Tickets’ selection of live events in the UK.

Additionally, we built a stand-alone microsite for Ryanair Tickets, accessible to anyone, even if they haven’t booked a flight through the airline.

As a brand synonymous with value, Ryanair benefited from Coras’ pricing features that allowed ticket booking fees to be adjusted or temporarily removed for promotions, as well as multiple currency and language options.

Laptop showing Ryanair Tickets’ selection of live events in London between certain dates.

We’re pleased to partner with Coras to launch Ryanair Tickets, offering customers the opportunity to purchase tickets to top West End shows including Aladdin, Wicked, The Lion King and Les Misérables. Customers will benefit from very competitive prices as an easy add-on within their “MyRyanair” account. Initially launching with tickets for shows in the UK, Ryanair Tickets will be extended to include events across Europe in the future.

Greg O’Gorman
Director of Ancillary

Ryanair Tickets seat selection tool.

Always improving

Coras has added interactive seat maps to all West End shows, so Ryanair customers can easily pick their ideal seats when booking.

After rolling out a huge selection of tickets for popular tourist attractions across Europe, the partnership continues to grow, with exciting new ways for travellers to discover and purchase tickets for new event categories and locations planned for the future.

Ryanair Tickets’s list of Madrid ticket offerings such as a tour around the Bernabeu Stadium or a Taledo day tour.